In middle of Bali, in middle of illness: Staying in Ubud

In a previous post i told about my experience of climbing Batur Volcano in Bali where i watched sunrise from the top. You can read that post from here. However getting down from the volcano that morning, i was really exhausted and about to become sick as i didn’t have proper outfit and equipment to climb such a high mountain.

My hotel was in Kuta area and there was a very long way ahead from Batur to there. As the morning was up and infamous Bali traffic started to show itself, the back to hotel journey started to become more and more thrilling. After a 2 hour ride with the uncomfortable jeep, i decided to just leave halfway along the way, to immediately find a place to rest my head.

I told the driver to drop me in the next town on the way, and that town was Ubud to my luck. He left me in front of an ATM machine so i got some money finally. I was summoning all my energy for a final struggle to find a hotel bed around, however again thankful for my luck, just turning my head back after drawing some cash, i saw this place across the road:

ubud hotel

Entering the place, i was faced with green rice fields surrounded by some cosy, Bali style cottages. They had an available room for 25 US$, and this was how it looked:

hotel room in ubud

Hotel room in Ubud

Porch in Ubud

Porch of my room

Rice fields Ubud

Rice field in front of my porch

Wow! I had like a 9 hours daytime sound sleep here, followed by another 9 hours of night sleep with only a few hours break to see around Ubud and to grab some bite. Needless to say, this was the best 25 US$ hotel room i stayed so far.


In contrast to Kuta, Ubud is a small town, where you won’t be able to find any sort of nightlife, many dining options etc, but peace. Ubud has some attractions like the Monkey Forest, rice fields, attractive temples, traditional Balinese art galleries, and mostly Balinese countryside calmness, where you can rest your soul for a couple of days. Also, if you want to make daily trips to certain parts of the island, or to take the Batur climbing experience for instance, Ubud is a much much better base for your accommodation. As it is located in the middle of Bali island, from Ubud you can travel to remote parts of the island with more ease. In addition, the hotels in Ubud are cheaper and much more comfortable from the ones in Kuta region.

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