Sunset on Nemrut

Nemrut is a 2,134 m (7,001 ft) high mountain in Southeast Turkey, in the province of Adıyaman. Listed as a Unesco’s World Heritage site, summit of Nemrut hosts the ancient tombs and statues dated back to 1st century BC.

Way to Nemrut
Nemrut can be accessed from Adıyaman, nearby Kahta or from Malatya. It's a steep and curvy ride that can last more than 3 hours to travel, so it would be wise to start the journey from the closest starting point, which would be Kahta or Adıyaman
Signs on Nemrut
Cars will drop you at the entrance. When you enter the walking path you will be faced with these signs. Either you go East or West, you cant miss it!
Nemrut Tumulus
Following the Western track, we come up with the Tumulus of Nemrut after 15 minutes of walk uphill. The Tumulus on the summit of Nemrut mountain, which was built in 62 BC, is believed to have the tombs of King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene underneath.
Statues of Nemrut flanking the tomb
8-9 meter tall statues flank the tomb of King Antiochus. Heads of the statues were removed back in time and were not restored to the original positions. King Antiochus in the middle, is accompanied by gods of Western and Eastern culture of his time, lions and eagles
Headless gods sitting on Nemrut's western wing
Headless gods sitting on Nemrut's western wing.
Statues on the Eastern Wing
Statues on Nemrut's Eastern Wing
Statues on Eastern Wing
Statues on Nemrut's Eastern Wing
Watching Sunset on Nemrut
Watching Sunset on Nemrut
Sunset on Nemrut
Sunset on Nemrut, city lights far below

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