Mardin: A Dream in Stone

Mardin’s heavily decorated stonework is like a dream lasting over centuries. The city is located in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey and is located on a tophill, surrounded by endless plains.

View of Mardin. Mardin is located on a lonely hill, surrounded by plain fields in all directions
Mardin Streets
Sweepers in Mardin Morning
Sweepers in Mardin Morning. Donkey stars as the "Garbage Truck"! Only donkeys can access to these steep narrow streets
Detail on a Mardin House
Detail on a Mardin House
Mardin House Detail
The craft of stonemasonry in Mardin area can be observed in every detail
Deyrulzafran Monastery
Still active Deyrulzafran Suriani Monastery in Mardin, built in 5th century AD, presents the excellence of Suriani stonemasonry to its full extent
Historical bazaar of Mardin
Historical bazaar of Mardin
View from Mardin. Endless fields lie beyond horizon, over to Syria

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