Mostar: Tracking Ottoman Remembrance in Balkans

Mostar is a city, built by Ottomans in 15th-16th centuries. Today, the Ottoman remembrance is still alive on its streets, despite the damages done to wipe it out during the Bosniak-Croat war.

mostar görünüm

Mostar City

mostar streets

Mostar Streets

Mostar House

A typical Mostar House

Bullet holes in Mostar

As all the cities of Bosnia do, Mostar also bears the presence of the shameful Bosnian war. The city has witnessed fights between Croatians-Bosnians during the war.

Ottoman tombstones in Mostar

Ottoman tombstones in Mostar

Ottoman tombs in Mostar

Ottoman tombs in Mostar

mostar view

Mostar Scenery with a huge cross standing on the backing hilltop. Most likely it is for to contrast with the Ottoman feel; a "political" architecture

Stari Most (Mostar Old Bridge)

Stari Most (Old Bridge) that names and is the symbol of the city. The bridge was built in 1566 by an apprentice of famous Ottoman Architect, Mimar Sinan. It was a wonder of its time. Bridge was demolished by Croatian bombardments in 1993, and was restored in 2004.

From Stari Most

On the Stari Most (Old Bridge) that names the city

River bank in Mostar

River bank in Mostar

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