Indonesia provides Visa on Arrival in exchange for 25 USD. This was something I knew by searching through the net. However I was not aware that they were also asking for money, to let you out of the country! This led me almost to have a heart attack!

I woke up at 05:00 for my 06:00 flight to Kuala Lumpur! Believe me, it’s not something i can suggest to you unless you like adventure and horror movies (like me:)) I rushed out to the airport with absolutely no money on. I found a 10 USD in the depths of my wallet and gave that to the taxi driver.

However, as I was running into to the airport, I was stopped by an officer! He asked me a copy of my ticket!!! Lucky me that I had one printed web ticket in my back pocket! I had my check-in super fast.

When  I was rushing to the gates however, I was once again stopped!!! This time, the officer was asking for 150,000 rupiahs to put a stamp on my ticket! Unbelievable! He was not going to let me out! Looking to the depths of all my pockets this time, I found a one last 20 USD banknote and gave that to him! He didnt give the change back of course but never mind, i made it into that damn plane!

Have your 150,000 rupiahs and your ticket print ready if you want to get out of Indonesia problem free!



Gokhan Toka
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