1. There’s always so much traffic. Instead of using a car and loosing time, try the motorbike for instance.

2. There are almost no road signs even on the most important junctions. The existing signs are either placed wrongly or they are too small to be recognized. You will get lost, and you will get lost so many times…

3. Roads are so narrow and not in a good condition, even on the most popular destinations like Tanah Lot! It’s not good for your health!

4. There are only a few gas stations on the whole island!  You can run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. If you are like running out of gas, the only solution might be buying gas from the road by dealers, who sell the gas in plastic or glass bottles! You will never know what you are buying.

5.  Traffic is on the left (a reason that might appeal for the major population of the world)

Going Backseat on Motorcycle Through Bali Traffic Jam
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